Magallenic PenguinBeachedHaving a scratchSouthern Right WhaleWhale headSea LionNo roads, no problemDevil's Nose ColonyBlack-browed AlbatrossOpen wideRear viewNo we won't hop for youSpot the eggShift changeDyke Bay beachA group of Gentoo PenguinsNot talking to you!Where did everyone go?The approach to Stanley HarbourPort StanleyYou have been warnedThe WWII Vickers gun at Ordnance PointWhalebone Arch next to Christ Church CathedralPenguin NewsBow riderFlyingHourglass DolphinsShag RocksSalisbury Plain in the rainKing Penguin crecheGang of fourKing Penguins and ReindeerKing Penguins in the snowTaking a strollPart of the King Penguin colony at Fortuna BayAnne DolittleFollowing mum, or is it dad?Rock curves, Hercules BayMacaroni Penguins hanging outAre you sure its this way?Cameras outThe old whaling station at Leith HarbourStromnessGentoosFollow my leaderJump!Kings at StromnessWaterfall seen on the Maiviken to Grytviken trekClimbing above MaivatnDeteriorating conditionsGrytviken from aboveOld whaling ship at GrytvikenOne of the old piers at GrytvikenInside the whalers' church at GrytvikenBleak at GodthulWater boatsWhale bonesA steep climb up to the Macaroni colony at Cooper BayBlack dot equals Macaroni PenguinPeak above Cooper BayIn Drygalski FjordSouth Orkneys, bleakOrcadas research stationOrcadas research station, bitterly coldThrough the iceChinstrap Penguins on an icebergKiller Whale (Orca)Hole in icebergLook at that over thereChinstrap Penguins on an icebergIceberg sectionTabular iceberg, miles longOver the frontErrara ChannelNeko Harbour, Antarctic mainlandLetting ripGlacier calvingPorpoising GentoosWho said penguins can't flyPenguins on paradeLemaire ChannelPeterman IslandAdelie Penguins on Peterman IslandAdelie on its pebble nestAdelie on a missionWhy walk when you can slideCourtshipReturning to the ship, Peterman IslandNot a bad viewLeopard Seal as we enter Deception Island's calderaOil storage tanksSteam and warm black volcanic sandBiscoe House, in need of renovationPack ice, Deception IslandGive us a kissTaking a napChinstrap Penguins on Half Moon IslandCollecting a pebble for the nestDid I drop that?LichenA disagreementTaking it all inBlack-Browed AlbatrossCape HornI saw three shipsWoodyWoodland path, Tierra Del Fuego National ParkEnd of the World

All photos copyright Andrew Leaney

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